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They say that in the worst of times, in the most dire of situations that often the most important, most miraculous people can arise from the ashes. The artist of reference is N.Y.C., short for Never Yet Contested. This Brooklyn native has been patiently maneuvering within the industry, preparing to leave his initial mark on the world of music. Birthed with a surname that equates greatness (Jordan), you can say he was born with the hunger.

The difference between a rapper, and an artist, can be summed up in one word, versatility. The ability to appeal to the masses, and be true to you, something Never Yet Contested embodies completely. Whether it’s igniting the stage, or lending vocals to a television show, Never Yet Contested does it all. There’s no gimmick, no corporate sales formula, just pure unadulterated music, and an artist begging for the world to wake up. It’s not as much of a movement as it is a declaration of revolution; a revolution armed with creativity, lyrical prowess and captained by an emcee with a vision to follow.

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